We are so excited that you are interested in promoting, Beyond Chemo: Outside The Box Cancer Therapies. We are very passionate about the groundbreaking and lifesaving information we have to share in this 6-part video series.

Below, you can review all of the details about the series, plus you can view sample email swipes as well as banners! However, in order to promote this incredible series, you will need an Affiliate Account with us along with unique tracking.

Please note that if you utilize the Beyond Chemo website link, none of the sales will be credited to you. So please, reach out to us directly to get started!

What is it?

Beyond Chemo is a FREE 6-part video series hosted by Dr. Mark Stengler, one of America’s leading naturopathic doctors, hailed as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave.” The series features 18 of the world’s best cancer doctors as they reveal the safe, proven alternatives to chemo, radiation, and surgery. They’re leading the charge against expensive, dangerous, and ineffective cancer treatments. And revealing the truth about how mainstream medicine profits from sickness, and why their one-size-fits-all approach rarely works.

Beyond Chemo premieres on August 7th – And the hot list build will begin on July 24th!

Check out the trailer page here — https://beyondchemo.org/

** NOTE: Please do NOT promote using the trailer page above as the sales will not be tracked without a custom Affiliate ID. Please request a custom link from us.

Promotional window:

  • Pre-Launch (best time to promote): July 24th – August 9th
  • Launch (Episode 1 airs):  August 7th
  • Replay Weekend: August 21st – August 24th
  • Replay-Replay Weekend (final call for orders): September 7th – September 10th

How it works:

When you run the Beyond Chemo sign-up promotion to your list, the email copy will click through to the video trailer page that will prompt viewers to submit their email address to have access to the FULL video series. Then on August 7th, episode one of Beyond Chemo premieres and each day a new video will be released through August 12, 2018. On August 9th, the viewers will be prompted to buy the video series… and each day thereafter.

*** If you’ve ever seen the video series model for Awakening from Alzheimer’s or The Truth About Cancer, it’s a similar concept.

What’s in it for you?

1) Solo to the Hotlist:

If you drive at least 10K clicks, we’ll give you a run to the hot list 60 days after the campaign has ended. First dibs on solos will be prioritized by who drives the most leads for the series. We’re projecting that the hot list build will be AT LEAST 350K names (And you’ll get first access to some of our most active internal buyers). Again, the priority in which you will receive access to the list will be based on the amount of leads you drive. And, if you drive less than 10K clicks, you will not get access to a reciprocal. You will just be paid your commissions earned.

2) High Payouts:

We’re offering 50% payout on physical orders and 60% payout on digital orders.

3) Contest Money

Leads Contest
July 24th through August 9th
1st Place – $10,000
2nd Place – $5,000
3rd Place – $2,500
4th Place – $1,500
5th Place – $1,000

Sales Contest
August 9th (when the cart opens) through September 10th (final replay – campaign ends)
1st Place – $15,000
2nd Place – $7,500
3rd Place – $3,500
4th Place – $2,500
5th Place – $2,000

Pricing structure:

Once the cart opens up on August 9th (3 days into the series) there will be 3 packages to choose from:
1)    Digital – $97
2)    Physical – $147
3)    Premium (physical & digital access) – $147


Open Rate = 15%
Click Through Rate = 20%
Opt-in rate = 25%
Post conversion rate = 5%
Earnings per lead = $3.00
Earnings per click = $1.00

Marketing Materials:

Click here for email swipes.

Click here for banners.

Should you need anything else, please email me at any time:

[email protected]  or [email protected]